Have you ever noticed during a professional sporting event, the athletes frequently high-five their fellow teammates?  You will often see grown men slap each other on the backside or give one another a hug. This open display of celebration is uplifting and inspiring to see.



Try it now.  Turn to someone close and give them a high-five.  Watch their energy level go up and see the smile on their face.  If you are alone…give yourself a high-five now.  GO AHEAD!  I bet it made you smile.



YOUR staff…or your team is no different.  They appreciate the same recognition after every victory big or small.  They made a sale, signed on a new client or maybe your janitor made the chrome in your restrooms extra shiny.  Whatever the win…big or small…show your team the appreciation they deserve.  It doesn't have to be money or a bonus.  It can be a simple high-five, a morning coffee or a group huddle to announce their accomplishment. If your team happens to be virtual, send them a tweet or a special email message.


Here are 7 simple rules you can follow…



1.  Celebrate immediately.  Don't rely on reminding yourself to do it later. If you act upon it instantly, it seems more sincere and the energy is at an all time high the moment the win happens.


2Everyone on the team celebrates
I wasn't the only one in the office to give high-fives.  The entire team was notified of the win and everyone celebrated.  Those in the back office would run up front to give high-fives and vice-versa.


3.  The person that achieved the victory must accept all displays of celebration.  No one on the team is allowed to discredit or make small of their win.  Even our front desk receptionist got a high-five every time she scheduled a new consultation!


4Celebrate daily.  Anything positive happening in the business should be an easy invitation for a celebration.  Even if business is slow and there isn't a lot going on…if you look hard enough you can always find a reason to celebrate.



5.  There should be a penalty for those that do not celebrateA penalty embarrassing enough to motivate staff to be compliant.  In my business any team member that would not high-five or celebrate had to stand up and do the happy dance to a song of our choice for one minute at the next weekly staff meeting.  I can assure you that EVERYONE was sure to celebrate EVERY win at my company. 


6Be consistent.  Your team will quickly realize that celebrating ALL wins is here to stay.  Celebrating will become second nature to everyone.  You will find that they will expect it and be reminding YOU of the 'office policy';)



7.  Implement this tip immediately.  Watch the energy and team spirit in your office increase.  This is a fun and no-cost way to motivate your team and build your business. Happy and appreciated teams break records!




Blessings and increase,

Over the past 22 years Kiyla Fenell has hired and inspired hundreds of employees to grow 7 of her million dollar companies.  Kiyla’s teams have been awarded national and international recognition for breaking records in their industries. She credits her ability to build award-winning, record-breaking teams to her unique and fool-proof way of hiring. You can find the exact tools and words Kiyla used to hire highly functioning and motivated staff quickly with The Ultimate Staffing Success System.




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